Holy Spirit
Those who know God’s word also know fully the significance of each creature. For if all things ‘hold together’ in the one who is ‘before all things’, then those who build their lives on his word build in a truly sound and lasting way."Pope Benedict XVI, Verbum Dei, Rome, September 10, 2010

Understanding the Bible is an important and essential element of the understanding of our Catholic faith. As the word of God, the Bible is at the core of our belief and binds our faith community together. When we listen to the scriptures with our heart, and share personal faith-filled experiences, we encourage each other to a more profound spiritual pilgrimage, strengthen our faith, and grow into a more intimate relationship with God in Jesus Christ.

Recommended Study Course

Dr. Bill Creasy, well-known and respected Bible teacher, is presenting a seven year course on the Bible from the Book of Genesis to the Book of Revelation at various locations in the Los Angeles area. Dr. Creasy as won several awards as a teacher at UCLA and is a great speaker and presenter of the meaning of all the books of the Bible.

Additional information and resources, including audio presentations (along with the slide-shows) on the current book of the Bible being studied, are available by clicking here.
Click on image above for one of
Dr. Creasy’s Youtube presentations.

For more information about Bible study at St. John Eudes please call the Parish Office at (818) 341-3680.