Pastoral Council

The St. John Eudes Parish Pastoral Council’s purpose is to assist in the developing and implementation of a mission-focused pastoral plan for the parish. As servants to the wider community, the Pastoral Council provides parishioners with a forum for consultation and reflection on the mission of the Church in light of the signs of the times in the local neighborhood and the world. Based on the insight of the community, the Pastoral Council helps to enable the faith community to continue to live out the mission of the Gospel.

The Pastoral Council is charged with creating and implementing a pastoral plan for the life of the parish through a parish-wide dialogue on the mission of the Church, the perceptions of the community, and the current reality of the parish. The information gathered from these dialogues is taken by the Council and the pastor and used to create a pastoral plan for the future. The pastoral plan articulates the goals and priorities of the parish community for the coming years. The Pastoral Council is also called to assist in the implementation of the goals of the pastoral plan.

Msgr. Emigdio Herrera, Administrator
Adele Vargas, Secretary
Dcn. Sargon Younan
Claudia Corbera
Rick Crandall
Miguel Davalos
Josie Gomez
Gina Ibarra
Isela Mora
Ernie Star
Roy Vargas
Liturgy Commission

The Liturgy Commission advises and assists the pastor and parish staff in the preparation and celebration of the liturgical seasons and the sacraments. The commission also promotes the work and training of parishioners for liturgical ministers. The commssion studies and keeps informed of the current policies and publications of the Archdiocese and continues to implement the work of the Second Vatican Council.

Msgr. Emigdio Herrera, Administrator
Dcn. Sargon Younan, Sacristans
Irene Castaneda, Children’s Drama
Sylvia Kongelbeck, Lectors
Karen Fredrickson, Liturgical Environment
Yvonne Garcia, Spanish Liturgy Coordinator
Phil Moore, Altar Servers
Fred Perez,  Eucharistic Ministers
Bob Smiley, Ushers
Dana Howell, Music Ministry
Yesmin Wall, Children’s Liturgy
Finance Council

The Finance Council assists the pastor in carrying out the material administration of the parish. It has the obligation of planning and supervising the financial affairs and physical properties of the parish. The Council advises and assists the pastor in respect to parish resources, the budget, church support, and the effective utilization and maintenance of the parish plant. Its members collaborate with the pastor and parish staff in order to assist the pastor in his responsibility for the parish. The focus of the Finance Council is the spiritual growth of the parish community and its work is guided by the overall mission of the parish community. (Note: Council members have no access to the records of individual parishioners as regards to financial contributions or any other confidential parishioner information.)

2018-2019 Finance Council Members
Msgr. Emigdio Herrera, Administrator
Fred Perez, Chairperson / Communications
Chris Ranieri, Vice Chairperson
Jeannie Younan, Secretary
Gina Ibarra, Parish Business Manager
Mia Macalino, Nominations
Steve Ramos, TBD
Angelle Roussel, Development
Ernie Star, Pastoral Council Liaison
Philip Valtairo, Policy and Planning
Parish School Board

The St. John Eudes School Board is a parish consultative body which includes the pastor, principal, Parent-Teacher Support Organization (PTSO) representative, and other members appointed by the pastor. Membership is drawn from parishioners, school parents (who may comprise up to 33% of the membership), alumni, parents of alumni, civic and business leaders, and area educators and clergy. Members may also be from other parishes or other faith traditions.

Its purpose is to assist the pastor and principal by providing advice and counsel particularly in respect to strategic planning, policy formulation, evaluation of policies and plans, institutional advancement and development, comprehensive programs to advance and enhance the school, financial planning and management, and enhancing the school's communication and mission.

2018-2019 Board Members
Msgr. Emigdio Herrera, Administrator
Barbara Danowitz, Principal
Jenny Crandall, Chairperson
Carolyn Rybak, Vice Chairperson
Lucy Macis, Secretary
Chris Florian, PTSO Liaison
Richard DeFelice
Eugenia Guzman
C. Dennis Loomis
Maura Lopez
Fred Perez
Ron Piekunka