The St. John Eudes Memorial Garden is a special place in our parish where those who have passed can be remembered and honored. Located in the passage area adjacent to the church tower and Grill Hall, it is a quiet place of meditation and reflection.
Memorial markers are available to remember loved ones and can be located either on the garden wall or in the garden planter. For more information about obtaining a memorial maker, contact the Parish Office at (818) 341-3680.
Located near the main church entrance, our Appreciation Tree primarily recognizes those donors who made contributions to the rebuilding and remodelling of the church and the addition of Grill Hall and Nugent Plaza to our facilities after the 1994 Northridge Earthquake. Various levels of donorship are recognized, however all contributions were included as “leaves” representing the growth of our tree of faith.
While this tree has now grown and matured, other opportunities for giving exist to help maintain our parish’s faith community. Please contact the Parish Office at (818) 341-3680 for additional information or download our Giving Guide for ideas about ways you can help.