To protect creation, to protect every man and every woman, to look upon them with tenderness and love, is to open up a horizon of hope; it is to let a shaft of light break through the heavy clouds; it is to bring the warmth of hope!”Pope Francis (March, 2013)

The Compassion Commission is committed to answer the Christian call to action that fosters pastoral concern and promotes social justice and peace for the people of our community and the world. The focus of the ministry is to encourage parishioners to emulate the actions of Jesus; showing compassion and empathy in order to relieve the burdens of others.  The ministry works to promote the awareness of Catholic social teaching, both internally and externally to the St. John Eudes Parish Community, and to also guide and encourage parish involvement in social justice issues to work for a more just and peaceful society.

For more information call (818) 341-3680.

Special Resources

The California Resource Guide is a free community service that connects people in need of food, clothing, jobs, and/or financial aid to a variety of local and state programs.