The Christian life is a continuation and completion of the life of Christ in us. We should be so many Christs here on earth, continuing His life and His works, laboring and suffering in a holy and divine manner in the spirit of Jesus.”St. John Eudes

The Saint John Eudes Medal was established to recognize outstanding individuals or groups in the parish that exemplify the values that are at the core of the teachings of our patron saint, St. John Eudes. His strong devotion to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary is central to his call that we must “form Jesus in ourselves” and use the guidance and power of the heart to have a positive impact on the community around us.

The recipient of the medal is selected by the pastor, based on the recommendations of a selection panel from nominations received from the parish community. The selection panel reviews the nominations it receives based on a set of criteria established by the pastor.

The medal is typically presented on the Sunday which is on or follows Aug. 19, the feast day of St. John Eudes. To learn more about our patron saint, click here.

Recipients of the St. John Eudes Medal & Certificates of Appreciation
The Certificate of Appreciation is presented to ministries who by their activities have provided exceptional examples of service to others over an extended period. By their working together as team players they exhibit the traits of outstanding volunteers, that is, dependability, reliability, commitment and flexibility. It is presented in grateful recognition for years of commitment to outstanding service to St. John Eudes Catholic Parish and School.

2014 - Certificates of Appreciation

Men’s Council
Music Ministry

2016 - Certificates of Appreciation

Narong and Virgina Tanawong & Their Hospitality Team
Facilities Committee

2017 - Certificates of Appreciation

Media Ministry
Separated, Divorced and Widowed Support Group
Summer Carnival Committee

2018 - Certificates of Appreciation

Bereavement Ministry
Liturgical Environment Ministry

2019 - Certificate of Appreciation

Sacristan Ministry

The Lifetime Service Award is presented to individuals who by their lives have provided outstanding examples of service to others. These are volunteers who, over an extended period, have quietly dedicated their lives to serving the St. John Eudes Parish and School. Among many things, their efforts have had a positive effect on the spiritual and social health of the parish community, strengthened the relationship of the parish with the surrounding communities and given newcomers the impression that St John Eudes is a welcoming community. The award is presented in grateful recognition for a lifetime of commitment to outstanding service to St. John Eudes Catholic Parish and School.
SJE Medal Recipients