Why Together in Mission Is Important - Together in Mission is a program that keeps many of the needy parishes and schools in our Archdiocese open to serve their communities and fulfill the important mission of the Church. Without the aid provided by Together in Mission, many churches and schools in underprivileged areas would need to close. We must assure that all people of our Archdiocese are able to receive the message and love of Christ.

How It Works - The program is based on a shared vision that all parishes of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles must work together to achieve the important goals of the program. For this purpose, a goal amount is determined for each parish based on a percentage of a parish’s regular donations and income. Parishioners are asked to pledge and donate to fulfill the goal amount. The money is then distributed based on need - it is dedicated solely to help needy parishes and is not used for any other purpose, except that any donation from a parish in excess of that parish’s goal is returned to that parish to be used for local needs and programs. Even parishes which receive assistance from Together in Mission are expected to fulfill their goal amount to the program as a real sign that we are all in this mission together as one Church.

How We’re Doing - Because of the great generosity of our parishioners we have now exceeded our commitment goal for 2019! A special Thank You to all the wonderful supporters of the Together In Mission program. Please continue to complete your pledges for this year and perhaps consider making additional donations to this program. Our parish receives all donations above our commitment goal to be used for our own ministries and programs, plus additional other important benefits. Your support for Together In Mission assures that the message of Christ will continue to be heard in those churches and schools of our Archdiocese who need our help. And by showing your support you are showing that we, as a church, are all indeed "Together in Mission" and are truly showing the world that “Our Story is Hope.”

Every pledge is important, especially yours!.