Altar Servers
Altar servers are young people in grades five through twelve who wish to assist the priest in the celebration of liturgies throughout the year. Liturgies are celebrated daily and on weekends. Servers are also needed at weddings and funerals. Any baptized Catholic boy or girl who has received his or her First Communion is eligible to act as an Altar Server.
Training - Phillip Moore - email:
Scheduling - Shy Suttles (818) 624-4749 - email:
Children’s Liturgy of the Word
After the introductory Rite at selected Sunday Masses, children five years old and older are led to the hall to celebrate their own Liturgy of the WORD. The Word is proclaimed from the Lectionary for the Masses with Children, followed by an inter-active homily where the readings are discussed and applied to the lives of the children. After the General Intercession, the children return to the church to participate in the Liturgy of the Eucharist with the entire congregation.
Liturgy - English: Jenny Zoller / Spanish: Vilma Hernandez, Stacy Hernandez, Yanira Marroquin
Drama - Irene Castaneda (818) 439-1726 - email:
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMHC) are called by the Lord to do the following: Serve the Christian assembly gathered to celebrate the Liturgy and to serve those unable to be present at the assembly because of illness or other circumstances; the ministers assist the celebrant in the sharing of the Body, the Blood, and the Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ with the assembly present and those unable to be present.
Chris Hwang (818) 486-0516 - email:
Lectors Ministry
It is our responsibility as lectors to fulfill this calling with a desire to communicate God’s Word to God’s people, clearly, completely, and with reverence. To do this we must be prepared. We must know the protocol for our parish. We must be well versed in the skills necessary to proclaim effectively and most importantly, we must have a personal familiarity and love of the Word of God in Scripture. The circle of the relationship between God, God’s Word, the lector and the listener is fulfilled in our service.
We are Ministers of His Word. It is Christ himself who speaks when the Holy Scripture is proclaimed in the church. We commit to proclaiming His Word with reverence, preparation, and dedication.
Contact: Patti Dupree (818) 674-0334
Liturgical Environment
Our ministry uses the artistic talents and labors of the team to design and implement liturgical and seasonal decor throughout the church, chapel, narthex, courtyard and hall. Our goal is to enhance the sacramental celebrations, by creating a welcoming atmosphere using color, textures, and elements to communicate and embrace the liturgical themes for the various liturgical seasons and celebrations.
Contact: Karen Fredrickson (818) 521-8626 - email:
Music Ministry
The St. John Eudes Music Ministry helps us to share our faith through music and song, lifting our hearts to God. The Music Ministry takes many forms including children, adult, chamber, contemporary, and Spanish music groups. Select voices give a special quality to our musical events and serve as cantors at our liturgies. Our adult choir brings music to our 11:00 am weekly Sunday mass, with special musical liturgies for Christmas, Easter, and other special holy days and services. Our contemporary and Spanish music groups serve the varied needs that we have in our parish. The choir also presents concerts throughout the year, on festive and on more light-hearted occasions.
Contact: Dana Howell (818) 341-3680 Ext. 112 - Webpage
Being a sacristan is a ministry which involves the overall preparation of liturgical celebrations, including all that is needed for special days and celebrations. The sacristan arranges the books needed for the celebration, marking all of the divisions, lays out the vestments, and makes sure that anything else needed for the celebration (such as cruets, chalices, ciboria, linens, oils, processional crosses, candles and torches) is available and in its proper place. It is a rewarding ministry and vital to our worship.
Contact: Sargon Younan (818) 687-2041
Ushers are St. John Eudes parishioners who provide a welcoming and hospitable atmosphere at all parish liturgies. They ensure the orderly progress of the liturgy by seating parishioners and guests, selecting people to bring the gifts to the altar, collecting the monetary offerings, directing people toward the altar during the Liturgy of the Eucharist, protecting the Host and distributing the church bulletins.
Contact: Bob Smiley (818) 701-5585
Welcoming Ministry
We extend Christ’s hospitality to our community as they gather to hear His Word and to share in the "breaking of the bread." As we welcome parishioners at the doors of the church, we hope to open hearts to His message of love through a warm greeting, smile and handshake.
Contact: Ron & Linda Hammond (818) 882-1987